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     A Century of Experience in Engineering & Machining With more than 100 years of experience as a machining and engineering shop, we take our role as industry leader very seriously. We consistently uphold the highest standards of quality and safety because we value the people that make our business possible

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     FAQs 3D printing and Rapid Prototyping What material can we 3D print in? ABS M30 is a good all round plastic with excellent tensile, impact and flexural strength perfect for 3D printing. ABS is commonly found on end-use parts like car bumpers, golf club heads, Lego and medical equipment. If

  • Employment

     Machining & Engineering Employment Opportunities For employment opportunities contact the company via [email protected] Here at T R Savage we have many long serving employees. Their hard work, loyalty, and commitment reflects the working environment that T R Savage fosters.

  • Services

    Premium CNC Turning & Machining, 3D Printing & Fabrication Services As experts in machining for over 100 years, our capabilities now extend far beyond our roots of metal machining and making high quality CNC parts . We are continually updating our technology as well as our skill base, in order

    • CNC Machining

       5-Axis CNC Machining Our unparalleled level of high quality 5-axis CNC machining is what has helped TR Savage & Son build our reputation as a leader in the field. With over a century of expertise, our engineers offer knowledge from a range of industries. This gives our clients a guarantee

    • CNC Turning

       High Level Capability CNC Turning & Precision Parts Manufacturing TR Savage specialises in CNC turning and milling of precision parts. As a reputable leader in the industry, our expert machinists work with a variety of materials and are capable of programming lathes to manufacture the most precise parts to meet

    • Fabrication

       Metal Fabrication Capabilities With a dynamic welding bay made up of moveable partitions, we have the ability to change the layout and create a more efficient environment to cater to all types of projects conducted in our metal fabrication shop. This flexibility allows us to easily manage the creation of

    • Tool Making

       Tool Making & Repair Services In our tenure specialising in toolmaking for the glass and container industry, we've developed a process to repair moulds and return them to a like-new state. In this way, we preserve the life of costly moulds for our customers, saving them money. This commitment to

    • Metrology

       Quality Controlled CNC Parts & Precision Machining Our inspection processes are one of the most important aspects of our work at TR Savage and we employ a number of crucial measures to maintain the high standard we’ve set for ourselves and our precision engineering services. Our climate controlled metrology room

    • General Machining

       The Engineering Equipment & General Machining Services & Skills You Need Our long history and extensive experience in machining and engineering means that we've had the opportunity to work on just about every type of project. The diverse expertise of our team gives us the capacity to produce virtually any

  • Process

     The Process With an in-house design team and experienced team of engineers, TR Savage has the unique capabilities to take your project from its conception stages through to manufacturing. Following a simple three-step process, we will help you design your product to your exact specifications, build a prototype for testing

    • Design

       The Design Phase One of the most unique features of TR Savage is our in-house design team. Working alongside our engineers, the capabilities of this dynamic joint venture means your project is followed closely every step of the process. Using the latest Solidworks CAD package, our team of industrial designers

    • Rapid Prototype

       Watch Your Products Come Alive Using our Top of the Line 3D Printing Building a rapid prototype of your new product allows you to quickly produce initial quantities for testing and design substantiation. This will determine manufacturability, functionality and allow for low-cost alterations to be made before production begins. Using

    • Additive Manufacturing

       Test Your Prototype with Additive Manufacturing After careful design and thorough testing of your prototype made through our additive manufacturing process, your new product or tool is ready to be fabricated. With more than 100 years of experience, you won't be surprised that we're experts in nearly all phases and

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  • 3D Printing

    3D Printing 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that uses CAD files to create plastic parts from production-grade thermoplastics built up in layers. TR Savage and Sons uses a Fused Deposit Modelling (FDM) machine that produces parts and tools of the highest quality and durability. By rapid prototyping with