The Engineering Equipment & General Machining Services & Skills You Need

Our long history and extensive experience in machining and engineering means that we've had the opportunity to work on just about every type of project. The diverse expertise of our team gives us the capacity to produce virtually any component for any project or design. With our commitment to high standards of quality and precision, you can be confident that the final outcome will exceed your expectations.

Our experience and mastery in machining and engineering mean we are highly capable of working with a wide range of materials including steel, brass, cast iron, copper, bronze and various plastics.

Whether you need one unique and complex part or thousands of small replications, we have the engineering and machining expertise to give you the best quality product at the best price.

Engineering Capabilities – What We Can Easily and Skilfully Do for You

TR Savage & Son offer a range of capabilities including:

  • General Milling and Turning – including setup for small runs and jobbing work
  • Jigs and Fixtures (1,500mm x 400mm x 400mm)
  • Hole Starter – capable of producing holes from 0.1mm to 4.0mm in diameter and is ideal for hard materials
  • EDM – Spark erosion (500mm x 300mm)
  • Sawing – We have two fully automatic power band saws (300mm diameter)
  • Wire Cutter

We also have a series of other machinery on the floor to guarantee our capability of handling any job that comes our way. These tools include a press, guillotine, bender, pedestal drills and sanders.

More than a Promise

We have been industry experts in machining for over a century. You can place your trust in our hands and be confident that your project will be delivered exactly to your specifications.

Contact one of our helpful staff members today to learn more about our machining and engineering capabilities or to book in a job.

General Machining Services