The Design Phase

One of the most unique features of TR Savage is our in-house design team. Working alongside our engineers, the capabilities of this dynamic joint venture means your project is followed closely every step of the process.

Using the latest Solidworks CAD package, our team of industrial designers can envision totally new and unique products, re-design existing products or reverse engineer nearly any type of part. By creating 3D CAD models and engineering drawings, our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to bring any design to the prototype stage. We are among the few machining shops to employ 3D printing in Australia, setting us apart from the competition.

From Concept to Reality

Taking your concept from an idea to reality is a team effort at TR Savage as our team of experts guide you through the initial design brief, concept discussions and sketch creations through to the development of a unique prototype using the most advanced 3D printing technology in Australia. This prototype will allow you to scrutinise your design before taking it to the final production phase.

We pride ourselves on our approach to problem solving and will impress you with the innovative solutions we create to find the most appropriate answer to any requirement. You will be equally impressed by the high quality and fully functional prototype that can be made for you by our 3D printing here in Australia.

Getting it Done

Whether you're aiming to bring a concept to life, re-design an existing tool or reverse engineer an instrument, you will find a team that is eager to employ their creativity and extensive know-how to help you get the job done.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.