Test Your Prototype with Additive Manufacturing

After careful design and thorough testing of your prototype made through our additive manufacturing process, your new product or tool is ready to be fabricated. With more than 100 years of experience, you won't be surprised that we're experts in nearly all phases and types of manufacturing. Our team is ready to meet your production needs with our expertise in CNC turning and CNC milling of precision parts in a variety of materials.

TR Savage & Son is an ISO 9001 accredited company, and has been for over seventeen years. The integration of inspection in all aspects of the company is in accordance with our quality assurance system.

Precision Machining

With a wide range of fabrication, machining and fitting services available, we're leaders in precision machining. We proudly offer our custom-made machine parts to the exact specifications of our customers. Read more about our precision machining capabilities here.

Get the Advantage

See how our precision machining technologies can help you move your product from the additive manufacturing stages of design perfection to market in less time.

Additive manufacturing is a contemporary way of thinking about product design. It opens up a frontier in manufacturing markets where complexity and finesse of design are essential, while offering extensive opportunities and advantages with a far-reaching impact.

The biggest advantage of this process is that it reduces production costs considerably, and improves the ability to manufacture more intricate and functional parts.

Traditionally, additive manufacturing was mostly used to make models for visualisation, prototypes and functionality testing. It is now being accepted as a vital method of manufacturing as an increasing number of organisations are focusing on making parts that go into final products. Using additive manufacturing to produce prototypes is still popular and is well understood by the industry as several years have been put into practice to refine this application.

Following is the list of industries that utilise the process:

  • Aircraft / military
  • Consumer products
  • Medical
  • Interior design and art

For these and many other industries, additive manufacturing has become a method of choice for sourcing lower quantity digitally constructed parts.

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Additive Manufacturing