3D Printing

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that uses CAD files to create plastic parts from production-grade thermoplastics built up in layers. TR Savage and Sons uses a Fused Deposit Modelling (FDM) machine that produces parts and tools of the highest quality and durability. By rapid prototyping with this technology the final results are parts that are suitable design validation as well as end-use.

Creating a rapid prototype by using additive manufacturing technology allows you to fully scrutinise your product, test its effectiveness and rework the design before going into production. With this incredible technology, there's almost no limit to what can be created.

Technology, Experience and Accuracy

There are countless benefits to creating a rapid prototype with 3D printing, all of which are fully enhanced by our top of the line FDM machine and extensive experience in additive manufacturing.

  • Strength - The materials used for 3D printing are production-grade thermoplastics perfect for use in everything from rapid prototyping to end-use parts.
  • Accuracy – Our state-of-the-art FDM machine builds the most accurate rapid prototypes and end-use parts of any additive manufacturing system.
  • Replication - By using thermoplastics to create models, our FDM machine is consistent when reproducing parts and won't deteriorate over time.

Changing the Face of Precision Machining

For more information about our 3D printing capabilities and the inherent advantages that come with cutting edge additive manufacturing, get in touch with the experienced and knowledgeable team at TR Savage directly. We have over 100 years of experience and industry leadership in machining engineering, and our team are continuously looking to bring the newest innovations and technologies to our customers. Let us show you how rapid prototyping is changing the face of precision machining.